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Page: Drive-Co instructor guidelines and rules


The instructor is to always have 100% communication with each learner regarding :

  • A) the lesson time,
  • B) the lesson pick up address,
  • C) if running late you should sms/call well in advance to notify the learner,
  • D) before the end of the lesson should have the next lesson/s booked in the diary and make sure the learner is aware of the next lesson date & time,
  • E) should make sure the learner is informed of what was done on the previous lessons what is to be done on the next lesson and what is left to do on following lessons thereafter.   

Your Instructor:

  • Must keep the topic of the lesson on the driving lesson (not on any other subject that is not beneficial to the learners K53 driving).
  • Should book lessons in such a manner leaving sufficient gaps between lessons considering the time of day, area, traffic and distance that there is no need to run late for the lesson.
  • Is  to check the K53 check list to make sure you covered all thek53 info required for the test
  • Not allowed to use foul language or shouting, but he should explain every aspect of the K53 driving to the learner in an informative understanding manner.
  • Is to remain respectful even when faced with disrespect from a learner and report the matter to the office.
  • Should focus the lesson on the learner that is in the vehicle with him/her and what he/she needs to do on the lesson instead of mentioning other learner’s issues.
  • May not smoke with a learner in the car.
  • May not make call while on a lesson.
  • May not eat while on a lesson.
  • Should always be dressed neat and presentable and hygienic as you are representing the entire company.
  • Is to fill out the lesson-assessment register for each learner, so the office can view each learner’s progress.
  • Is to keep 100% communication with the office regarding any changes/events in the days schedule.
  • Should have more than one contact number for each learner and visa versa.

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