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Pulling off/Clutch Control

  1. Clutch in + 1st Gear
  2. Clutch out half way (You will hear and feel a pull, when you do hold on that spot)
  3. Add gentle and steady petrol
  4. Handbrake down (Continue to hold clutch on that spot for 4meters)

Gear Change

  1. Off petrol
  2. Clutch in
  3. Change Gear


  1. Clutch in
  2. Gentle brakes till a complete stop behind the line
  3. Handbrake up
  4. Gear neutral


  1. in advance, slow down to +/-20km, gear down to second or first gear, indicate (all of step 1 is done while you turn)
  2. if you the first car, you will go half way in the intersection the second car will wait behind the stop
  3. When you are waiting half way, handbrake up, and wait in clutch control, look for a gap to pass through or an amber (orange) robot, either one of these two things means you can proceed


K53 driving instructions

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