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Page: Rule of South African Roads

  • You may not change lanes when you turn.
  • You may not change gears while you turn.
  • You may not cross a barrier line.
  • You may not drive on the yellow or red line
  • Always stop behind the stop line.
  • You may not drive in a buss lane in operating hours.
  • You may not drive on a painted island.
  • Keep to 1st or 2nd gear while turning, going over speed humps , in traffic circles.
  • You may not stop on a box junction but you may drive over it.
  • You may not look at your gears when changing .
  • Check your blind spot before you indicate and before you turn/change lanes.
  • Try to keep 10km below the speed limit .
  • Pedestrians always have right of way.
  • Be curtious when driving on the road.

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