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The 10 Lesson Package + Test Booking for R1400

Pick up and drop off included ( all areas )

If you do not have a test date we will take you to book a test date at no extra cost.

( We can secure an early test date ± 14 days *if needed )

1st Lesson - on your first lesson the instructor should assess your driving and teach you the interior inspection, the starting procedure and control of the car which is made up of (pulling away, changing gears, turning and stopping) you should also be reminded about general rules of the road which you have learnt for your learners licence test.

2nd Lesson - you should start off with the exterior inspection and then revise over the first lesson which is stated above.  If you have successfully completed this you may now proceed to do 3 of the 7 safety observations. If you were having trouble with the first lesson you may start the 3 observations on your 3rd lesson.

3rd Lesson - you should revise over lesson one and lesson two and then complete all 7 of 7 safety observations.  If you were having trouble with understanding and completing the observations you may repeat this lesson on the next lesson.

4th Lesson - on your fourth lesson you should be introduced to traffic and drive in a manner that incorporates the rules learnt in the above lessons. As well as learning incline start, emergency stop and hand signals.

5th Lesson – should be dedicated to the parking yard and start with the three point turn.

6th Lesson – will be dedicated to Alley docking parking (right and left).

7th and 8th Lesson – will be spent learning Parallel Parking (right and left).

9th Lesson – Once you have completed the above tasks you should visit the traffic department where your test will be done and drive on your test route. If you know the test route well, this will make passing the driving test easier.

10th Lesson – should be used to revise all information and tasks learnt on previous lessons and perform a mock test to measure your ability and progress.

After the mock test your instructor will point out any errors if any, that you have made and from this point you can plan a course of action to fix these errors in order to be ready for your divers test. - R1400

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