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k 53 driving standard

K-53 Driving Standard


If you are an aspiring South African driver, you may have asked yourself what exactly is K-53? – well I am here to explain this perplexing question, which may have been baffling your pretty little mind for some time now. The K-53 Driving Standard is a grading tool used in South Africa for the purpose of testing learner drivers in the art of defensive driving. It is a system of driving used in the careful intention to purposely avoid any possible collision during the driving experience.

Put plainly, the use of the K-53 way will ensure that the driver maintains a clear distance between his/her said vehicle and other motorists, pedestrians, objects and animals on the road. Also acting in courteous and good-faith by allowing neighbouring drivers right of way – where deemed correct in accordance with the road traffic signs – while still anticipating any indication of possible behaviours that may lead to collision and actively directing his/her vehicle to safety. All these actions should also be done in a timeous manner to avoid a crash of any sort.

For individuals who are in the process of obtaining their South African learner’s license a thorough understanding of theoretical application of road traffic signs, road marking and basic vehicle controls is an absolute must. Contained in the learners test is a series of multiple choice question that will challenge the candidate in various situations to test their ability to apply what was studied in the K-53 Manual.
Those of you attempting to pass your Driver’s License test should have at least 10 hours of actual drive time under the guidance of a registered driving instructor to be able to undertake the test with confidence. Be aware that examiner will be keeping a close eye on whether or not you are complying with the rules of K-53 system, everything from your observations to the sequence in which you do things and any mistakes – both in your Yard and Road test – will be penalized accordingly.

Here are some basic facets of the K-53 Defensive Driving System:

Observe – Be alert, always keep your eyes peeled and searching for any possible obstruction or potential hazards. Do this by always checking your mirrors every 5-8 seconds and always checking your blind spot when attempting to diverge from the path you’re on.

Identify – This requires you to make snap judgments about the possible hazards ahead, you need to be able to correctly discern the type of danger posed and act in accordance with that judgment to veer your vehicle to safety while avoiding an accident.

Foresight – Driving is, for the most part, a thinking activity and it requires you to have the ability to see into the near future in any given circumstance. This careful predication is based on the special relevance of your vehicle as opposed to the others on the road and will help you in deciding your next move – much like a game of chess.

Decide and Execute – Based on your predication and use of the aforementioned steps, you will make a decision and action that decision safely and promptly calmly, timeously and without panicking. Using the tools given to you in your training, you will bring your vehicle to safety.

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