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ID43 - SEQ0 - SLG by-charmaine
By: Charmaine

Hi . Many thanks for all the efforts .

ID44 - SEQ0 - SLG by-johanne-higgens
By: Johanne Higgens

hi all,  i moved to Cape Town from australia with no driving experience and with Drive Co i got my traffic register,  learners licence,  and driving licence and passed the first time.  Thanks for being so informative and making things simple for me   

ID45 - SEQ0 - SLG by-shaun
By: Shaun

Thank You

ID46 - SEQ0 - SLG by-m-slamdien
By: M. Slamdien

Thanks a mill , for assisting me to pass the first time! !!

ID47 - SEQ0 - SLG by-imtiaz
By: Imtiaz

thanks for accurate instructions , very impressed guys!!! i passed on my first go! Everyone looking for a driving school this is the place to be.

ID48 - SEQ0 - SLG by-kashief-b
By: Kashief b

yoh guys thanks , this school is the best! i passed on my first GO!

ID49 - SEQ0 - SLG by-mkhize
By: mkhize

great experience

ID50 - SEQ0 - SLG by-allester
By: allester


ID51 - SEQ0 - SLG by-g-t
By: G.T

excellent and precise

ID52 - SEQ0 - SLG by-eric
By: eric

perfect yard score

ID53 - SEQ0 - SLG by-caila
By: Caila

i started from zero experience and passed on my first attempt

ID54 - SEQ0 - SLG by-liezel
By: liezel

my 1st test and passed with perfect parking

ID55 - SEQ0 - SLG by-many-thanks-for-your-perfect-help
By: Many thanks for your perfect help

top treatment

ID56 - SEQ0 - SLG by-the-very-best
By: the very best

many thanks

ID57 - SEQ0 - SLG by-naeem-campsbay
By: naeem campsbay

first test , smooth pass , BEST driving school ever

ID58 - SEQ0 - SLG by-freddy
By: Freddy

all parkings up to scratch by my 3rd lesson

ID59 - SEQ0 - SLG by-frank-mashsa
By: frank mashsa

thank you

ID60 - SEQ0 - SLG by-psm
By: psm

hi , thanks for the first time pass experience

ID61 - SEQ0 - SLG by-wanie
By: Wanie


ID62 - SEQ0 - SLG by-ridwaan
By: Ridwaan

thanks fot all your patience and accurate info

ID63 - SEQ0 - SLG by-ndoluvu
By: Ndoluvu

Thank you for your help , made my first time pass a pleasure

ID64 - SEQ0 - SLG by-zinamo
By: Zinamo


ID65 - SEQ0 - SLG by-daniella
By: Daniella

Pre test picture

ID66 - SEQ0 - SLG by-sipho
By: Sipho

hi guys thanks to your efforts im ready to do this

ID67 - SEQ0 - SLG by-daniel
By: Daniel

Hey guys thanks for your help and advice. Really made my experience a pleasure.

ID68 - SEQ0 - SLG by-gasper
By: Gasper

Thanks for your patience and all the excellent help i recirved . you guys are the best


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