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A Cape Town based operator offering driver training and online learner training. The instructors at our school have a great total of teaching experience and are all accurately aware of the qualities that makes a competent driver. We are well known in Cape Town and are dedicated to the highest quality of training delivered to all students . Recommendations from satisfied clients are the reason we continue to receive so many inquiries each day.


Being a good driver is about more than handling a car . You also need to know what road signs mean , what makes for good road etiquette and how to anticipate dangers before they happen. This is why the learners test is designed, to help keep you and others safe . Use our learners classes and online test to pass your learners licence the first time . Our test material has been compiled from our years of experience and all of the questions in the actual test are inside of DriveCo's online test . If you pass our online test you will pass the actual test and ensure your knowledge of the road . Enjoy your experience and Good Luck !


Whatever the reason for learning to drive or previous level of driving experience , at DriveCo we will ensure that your end result is a confident driver who is able to read the road. We are a registered driving school with certified instructors , we also regularly conduct internal training with our instructors. Our team is geared up and committed to training safe road users.


We have provided you with 9 videos which we filmed during a mock test in order for you to view the exact manner in which you will be tested on the test day.

Together with the videos we have provided you with instructional diagrams and animation teaching you how to perform the tasks required of you on the actual test. ( i.e test videos and animated driving lessons)


DriveCo Driving School, Ranked as the best driving school in Cape Town, South Africa, offering quality
driving lessons and learners license training at competitive prices.

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Learners Prices
learners theory class R350 code 8: learners + 5 driving lessons R1950 code 8: complete learners and driver’s R3750
Code 8 Prices
5 lessons package R1250 5 lessons (booking) test R1750 10 lessons (booking) R2500 7 lessons (booking) test R2250 10 lessons (booking) test R2950 15 lesson (booking) test R4250 20 lessons (booking) test R5500

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